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Hello!I liked the film,very helpfull although i'm not an alcohoic...anyway i think that somehow u can help me... in some other way! I honestly hope u can!
It's about 'festmetoden' actually the part with the pilots...i was wondering if u can give me name or email address of the guy that had been interviewed in the bathroom.. He also sits next to the presenter of the film (to his right) at the Kent Johnsson lecture..he has light and kind of longer hair like to his ears or so..I've been trying to contact him but i couldn't find anything related to him..not until now! So please if u can give me his name or email address so that i can reach him..or atleast give him mine so that he can mail me instead! THANKS! Looking forward to your reply and please if there's nothing u can do to help, inform me anyway so that i can keep looking for other ways!
Thanks in advance!

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