Gat-Art is a site collecting photos of Swedish street art and graffiti.

we danced to the wrong song

We_danced_event Megan Lundbäck will arrange the event We Danced to the Wrong Song featuring young unestablished designers and artists. Saturday October 22 at Lava, Kulturhuset in Stockholm with fashion shows at 16.00 and 19.30, art exhibition and a shop.
Special guest for the evening will be Swedish fashion designer Gunilla Pontén.

hop louie

Hoplouie Swedish street art by Hop Louie at the updated site, with works from Sweden, UK and West Africa.

underground productions #31/32

Underground Productions Underground Productions is a Swedish hip-hop magazine written in English, with a main focus on the graffiti scene. Issue 31/32 will be released this Friday, October 7 at Lava, Kulturhuset and in stores later on.

Visit Underground Productions for further information.

linda bergkvist

Linda Bergkvist Nothing but enchanting digital paintings by Linda Bergkvist at her site
CG Society
has published a step-by-step tutorial by Linda here.
Via Pixelsurgeon.

street art exhibition at ag

Ag2005 So, here’s a few photos from the ongoing street art exhibition at AG as mentioned here earlier. Didn’t get any good photos from the Mode2 mirror painting, which was awesome. The exhibition is on until October 23 – don’t miss it.

Pixelsurgeon has an interview with D*Face here.

jean-louise von dardel

Dardel Need a square metre of crispbread? Jean-Louise von Dardel is the guy to call if you need theatrical props and models. Here’s his bag of mixed goodies.


Konstbolaget Konstbolaget claims to be Swedens largest art dealer, selling original art through auctions on their site. The gallery itself is quite inspirational to browse, with lots of high quality art and illustrations in various styles like; CMC, Gamblers, Clownen and Batmusse.


He The four persons behind HE! just launched a new blog, displaying photos of their street art activities in the area of Stockholm.

uzi magazine

Uzi_magazine The first issue of the new Swedish DVD magazine UZI is called ”Tokyo Brainstorm” and features 13 Tokyo artists and creators. More info at this website.

backa carin ivarsdotter

Carin Ivarsdotter”The symbolic signs of dreams are astonishingly general. A lot of people recognise their own dreams when they see my work.” Check out the sculptural artwork by Backa Carin Ivarsdotter here.


Stocktown Stocktown is a site broadcasting independent music, film and displaying underground art, with a main focus on hip hop, DJing and graffiti. Lots of Quicktime clips to watch. Don’t miss the adoreable animation Fonky Monky.
There’s some info dated 2002 at about Stocktown (in Swedish).

street art exhibition article

Dnpastan DN På Stan has an article (in Swedish) on the upcoming streetart exhibition as reported here at Swedesres on September 8.
By the way, check out Veckans Streetartfunderingar, a photoblog on Swedish street art.

a street art smorgasbord

Pictures_on_walls This is BIG! Pictures On Walls is an online art shop selling prints of famous street artists. Now POW have put together a group show in Stockholm showing works by (take-a-deep-breath...) Eine, D*Face, Banksy, Mode2 and Stanley Donwood (...phew!). All in one place at one time in Scandinavia — now that’s a Smorgasbord.

Date: September 20—October 23 at Allmänna Galleriet 925, Kronobergsgatan 37, Stockholm, Sweden.

Full size flyer here.


Pike Photos from the ”King of the Line” project recently added at graffiti writer Jonas Dahlström aka Pike’s site.


Format Nine new episodes of the art programme Format will air on SVT 2 Tuesdays at 20.30 beginning September 6. More info here.


Konstig Scandinavias largest independent art bookseller Konst-ig has finally redesigned their site. Here’s the latest releases.

big love

Big_love Wanted: non-Swedish Nordic artists, designers and creative people for participation in Crossings: A Nordic Culture Exchange at Big Love gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden during October of 2005 and January and May of 2006. Big Love are seeking three artists or group of artists and in addition they’re looking for speakers for the months of August–November 2005 and February–May of 2006. Speakers must have relevant work in art, design or new media. More info here.


It_handikappad IT-handikappad started 1999 as a semi-portfolio for webdesigner Hallisar, but later on evolved. Covering music, design and art mainly in the Gothenburg area, it's cram-full of content like band photo archive, daily links, competitions, event calendar and loads more. Open for all to participate and share information. Check it out!

under construction 05

Under Construction05The Stockholm Cultural Festival won’t be in full swing until August 2006, but a 3-day megateaser called Under Construction 05 will take place this weekend, September 2–4. Sergels Torg and the area near Stockholm’s Kulturhuset Cultural Centre will be teeming with street theatre, dance, a hallay party, circus acts, concerts, art, outdoor film, walking tours of the city, lectures and photography.

The full festival programme is available here. Only available in Swedish, click ”Språk” for summary in English.

dna 2005 winners

DNA 2005 The Swedish winners of the art competition DNA; Diesel New Art, has been announced. The works of Anna Lundh, Niklas Holm, Petra Axelsson and Helga Härenstam was elected by the jury and will be exhibited in a show that starts September 30 in Copenhagen and travels to Oslo and Stockholm. See the winning work here.

john lennon exhibition

LennonUtställningssalongen in Stockholm shows the work of former Liverpool School of Art student John Lennon August 17–28. The limited artworks consist of lithographs, serigraphs and copper etchings hand produced from Lennons original drawings. All work is signed by Yoko Ono with John's personal chop and available for sale.
More info here and here.


Rozzetta is the creation of Jenny Mörtsell, made as a Master Degree project at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. The project is ”a tribute to the fantaboulous fenomena italo-disco” and consists of the video and 12" for the song ”Fantasy.” Catch a live performance this Friday, August 19 at the club Startling at Landet.
See the Rozzetta site for further information.

subörb festival: august 11–14


The street, art & cirkus festival Subörb will take place in Stockholm suburb Alby,this weekend, August 11–14. The massive programme of artists and events are too numerous to mention here but to name a few; WC breakdance crew Project Soul (Korea), rappers Saïan Supa Crew (France), Swedish artists The Latin Kings, Laleh and legendary graffiti writers Ziggy & Disey, Ians, Erse, Puppet, Attila, Atom, Reson etc.

Full programme and info at the Subörb site. (Illustration by Sakari Paananen, as mentioned below.)

john wallin

John Wallin
John Wallin is an artist/illustrator who has worked on computer games and feature films such as Harry Potter 3, Big Fish and Alien vs Predator. Impressive collection of work showcased in his portfolio.

rocket observations

For the last couple of years a strange rocket has appeared in the concrete jungles of Stockholm. Here's a site dedicated to tracking down and documenting the locations of these rocket paintings, sorted by date and location.

hola sombrero

Hola Sombrero
Hola Sombrero is a four person street art collective currently showing their work at an exhibition in Ronneby, Blekinge June 18th — August 14th.

Have a look at some photos from the exhibition and the members personal sites:
GangsterBoogie (nice).

blaugallery artshop

Blaugallery is a neatly designed online store selling art and graphic design printed onto canvas. The print work seems to be of high quality with a good variety of motifs. And you can actually order prints of your own work in various sizes.